*CRYPTID utilizes human and AI artwork alike.

Do battle against friend and foe alike by conjuring legendary cryptids and folklore monsters from around the world in this heavily strategic and intense tabletop card game! *Game artwork, text and designs are not final and may differ from product received.

Orders will be shipped every few months to allow us to prepare and manage stock!

Orders placed by September 30, 2024 by 11:59pm will ship by October 30, 2024.

Wendigo VS Mothman Duel Decks Box Set

$39.99 + S&H + Taxes

Play right away with this box set featuring 2 unique, ready-to-play starter decks, instruction manual, and collectible magnetic box. Begins shipping in October 2024.


Abhorrent Armory 18-Card Expansion Set

$11.99 + S&H + Taxes

Expand your lethality with this booster pack! Contains 18 brand-new, unique cards and no duplicates. 8 Common. 4 Uncommon. 3 Rare. 3 Ultimate. Begins shipping in October 2024.


Or get it all with the...

What is CRYPTID: The Creepy Card Battling Game?

Conjure and Evolve Legendary Cryptids and Creatures

In CRYPTID, you play as a Conjurer - A powerful entity who can summon creatures from folklore to do battle. Some of these monsters can evolve into even more powerful forms!

Positioning is EVERYTHING

CRYPTID's combat is highly competitive, intense and strategic! Use careful thought and skill to outmaneuver your opponent. What you place and where you place it is extremely important! Pay attention to the elements of your Cryptids as well as those of your opponent.

Pyre Burn to DOMINATE the Battlefield

Utilize a unique mechanic in CRYPTID called "Pyre Burn"! A Pyre Burn can only be used once per match by each player, and its usefulness is determined by how many dead Cryptids you have. Time it right, and you can DOMINATE your opponent! Use it too soon or too early, and you yourself might end up burned...

Keep Score Like a MONSTER

Use our web-app to easily keep track of numbers and stats! Click the button below, then click "Play Now" to enjoy.

Learn to Play with the Online Instruction Manual!

Using our convenient and detailed Online Player's Guide to understand every aspect of CRYPTID gameplay!

Learn to Play with our Tutorial Video!

Questions and Answers

Who will be printing the cards?

We will be printing cards, manuals and card boxes through the same trustworthy company we've been collaborating with through Alpha and Beta testing: MakePlayingCards.com!

When will I receive my order?

CRYPTID is only available via special pre-order. Please see the dates at the top of the page for order and shipment windows.

For example, if you order between July 5, 2024 and September 30, 2024 by 11:59pm, your order should ship by October 30, 2024. Shipping time depends on location and service selected, but within the contiguous United States you can expect 5 to 10 business days for shipping.

How long is a game of CRYPTID?

A match of CRYPTID can last anywhere between 30-minutes to 60-minutes or even more depending on intensity, cards drawn and played, and more. It's a strategic card game requiring a lot of attention to placement and card abilities.

How many players can play a match of CRYPTID?

CRYPTID is a 2-player card game. Due to its placement-focused and strategic nature, it isn't designed for more than 2-players at this time.

I no longer want my pre-order. Do you accept refunds?

Yes! Do not feel pressured to retain your pre-order if financial hardships or other reasons arise. To get a refund, simply fill out the contact form below and include your order number somewhere! Your email on the refund request and on your original order must match or a refund cannot be issued!

Have you found issues with CRYPTID? Have questions about some confusing cards or scenarios? Reach out and we will respond as soon as possible!